Topics of Interest

Topics of Interest for Submission Include, but are not limited to :



Information Retrieval

Information Security

IR models

Usable security and privacy

Performance, scalability, architectures and efficiency

IoT Security & Privacy

Data structures on IR

Data Security & Privacy


Web IR

Mobile Platform & Application Security


IR Quality Evaluation

Computer & Software Security


User aspects: interaction, user studies and interfaces



Filtering and recommendation systems

Cyber Crime


Structured retrieval (XML, etc.)

Network Security


Semantic search

Risk Management & Compliance


Digital libraries

Secure Application Development


IR in social networks

Security for cloud and edge computing


Opinion mining

Security for emerging networks


Vandalism detection in the Web, in Wikipedia

Privacy and Anonymity


Detection of pedophilia, stalking and bullying

Multimedia retrieval

Text mining (classification and clustering)

Natural Language Processing in IR

Passage Retrieval and Question Answering

Multilingual and cross-language IR

IR in specific domains (biomedical, patents, law, etc.)

Geographical IR

Collaborative IR

Industrial Control System (ICS) Security\

Security and privacy of systems based on machine learning and AI

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Securing IT System and Processes

Cloud Security

Email and Web Security


Identity & Access Management